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Wallflowering, by award-winning Australian playwright Peta Murray, is a delightfully funny & poignant play about the nature of marriage, the pursuit of happiness and the perfect foxtrot!

Directed by award-winning Denny Lawrence & starring well-credentialed actors this play revolves around the lives of Peg & Cliff Small, an ordinary, suburban, middle-aged couple who were once prize-winning ballroom dancers.

Now, Cliff dreams of becoming a writer but can’t get further than writing lists of clever book titles, while Peg, on the other hand, is no longer content to quietly & unquestioningly follow her husband. Instead, she wants to lead & sees exciting possibilities in this change. But will being out of step with each other threaten their marriage?

There is great comedy & pathos in exploring Cliff & Peggy’s “ordinary” lives. In the swish of a taffeta skirt and slide of patent shoes across the floor, the audience is transported to a glorious and romantic vision of our champions as perfectly synchronised, beautiful, extraordinary people.

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Lighthouse Theatre, Timor Street, Warrnambool
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