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In Australia, we are one of the only Commonwealth countries colonised by the British not to have a Treaty with the First Peoples of the land.

SILENCE is about the space in between. The conversations not being heard and the responses that are muted. Through the beating of a drum, bodies thrash through frequencies to uncover what lies in the SILENCE.

There’s SILENCE between the stars as the Emu travels across the night sky. There’s SILENCE in the dancer’s energy when they hit the cut, the rupture between rhythms and movement enabling a vibrational glitch where the spirit world can enter.

It’s also the deafening SILENCE under white noise. The same questions echoed through generations. SILENCE is an entry point to the complex political environment we find ourselves in. It is a powerful contemporary dance performance featuring seven performers on a minimalist set with evocative lighting. The complex musical score, punctuated by dynamic live percussion, explores past, present, alternate realities and dreamscapes. The stage is slowly covered in dirt, representing the worldwide call for the return of Indigenous lands.

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Lighthouse Theatre, Timor Street, Warrnambool
Wheelchair Accessible

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