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F Project

Workshop with Aukje Boonstra ( www.ausrags.com.au )

TWO DAY EVENT: Saturday 16th July & Sunday 17th July 10am - 4pm $220
with *accommodation package at The F Project Residence if required,for two nights an extra $200.

Location: The F Project, 224 Timor St, Warrnambool

The FIRST of THREE exciting workshops
with special guest artists Aujke Boonstra, workshop 1, Ruby Richardson workshop 2, and Catherine O'Leary workshop 3, in the lead up to an exciting
wearable art competition with great prizes and a curated fashion parade 'Fabric of Life' in November 2022.
More details coming.
Remake,Repurpose Recycle and care for the environment by transforming discarded clothing into a unique wearable art piece.

Take a shirt, t-shirt, jumper or cardigan out of your wardrobe, which may be out of date, or you found at an opportunity shop. Something about the garment appeals to you, the colour, the texture or the feel of it. But you would not wear them as they are. They need something…

Learn how to turn it into a unique trendy wearable art piece;
Together with other pieces of clothes, knits, collected fabrics, embellishments, bits of lace and doyleys and what ever else you can think of;
Cut off, add on, play, stitch, embellish, have fun and be creative. You can spend the time available on one piece or you may like to start another piece and finish them later at home; and gain confidence and give your self permission to cut into clothes. Then start thinking of ways how to fix them and turn them into a unique garment, which will be a real talking point. Enjoy wearing something very different which has been your own creation.

This event is a part of:

The F Project, 224 Timor Street, Warrnambool
Wheelchair Accessible

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