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Nicky Barry - It's What She Would Have Wanted

Dirty Angel Comedy

18+ This show contains: Death and grief, Drug references, Strong coarse language, Strong sexual references.

Nicky Barry spent her formative years doing all the wrong things with the best friend a wayward schoolgirl could ever have. What didn't kill her then has gifted her with a razor-sharp wit, a deliciously potty mouth and a very wicked mind.

Somewhere past the age of 30, Nicky realised these skills were wasted on her kids and decided to give comedy a crack.

Nicky is now a much loved comedy powerhouse and storyteller par excellence. Come join her for a blistering hour of stand-up about her journey on the ruinous road to here.

Loved by punters and comics alike, this is a warm, narrative driven show about the things that have driven her to stand-up and stand out.

When she's good, she's really very good. When she's bad, she's f#$%ing hilarious.

"Frighteningly funny" Herald Sun
"Nicky Barry is a crackpot" Australian Stage
“Quality filthy standup with heart. Truly touching.” Lily Fish
“Warm, funny, unpretentious, relatable.” Arts Hub

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Mozart Hall, 2 Gilles Street, Warrnambool

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