Designing Robots for VR with Isobel

One Day Studios

Over 2 days, create, scan, animate, and dance with your own robot. Make your very own robot that you can dance with in Virtual Reality!

First step is entering the One Day Studios workshop to design and craft your robot buddy. On day two, your robot will be scanned in using futuristic technology, prepped, taught some dance moves in Mixamo, exported, and using computer magic, put into a VR headset to dance with! We recommend this workshop for ages 12+

April 3: 10am to 12pm - Make your robot! Join us in the One Day Studios workshop to create your robot from bits and pieces, ready to be scanned into another dimension.

April 4: 12pm to 3pm - have your creation scanned, then watch your robot come to life on the computer, program it some dance moves, and get into VR and dance with it! You can stick around until 4pm, hanging out with your creation and playing in VR.

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One Day Studios, 77 Flaxman Street, Warrnambool
Wheelchair Accessible

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