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Dirty Angel Comedy

Local comedian Aidan Nicolson will open the doors at 4:00pm and will hang around in there until 7:00pm. Come for 30mins, come for an hour....whatever. Turn up bang on 4:00pm, or come at 5:00...or 6:00...I don't care!

This is a no-pressure opportunity for you to come and meet some other people keen to give stand-up comedy a crack. There will be no audience, there will be no 'show'. You don't have to step foot on stage or even touch a microphone.

If you've got some comedic ideas but aren't sure if they are funny or not.....we can help!
Great at writing comedy, but hate the idea of standing on stage....we can help!
Got ideas in your head but don't know how to lay them out.....we can help!

Mozart Hall, 2 Gilles Street, Warrnambool
Wheelchair Accessible

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